Play Guartair With Clothe On

Im Talking Big Today!!!!!

In This Glitch You Can Play Guatair With Clothe On!!!! Perfect For A Band Wardrobe!!!

Kk Firstput On The Clothes U Want To Where dont Start Dancing Yet open Your Player Card By Clicking On Your Player Then Take Of The Clothe But Dont Close The Player Card

And Hit D Like In Glitches Before You Will Thow A Snowball But Nothing Will Happen Like It Wont Fly Then Your ClOTHES Will Fly On And Off Till The Stay Where U Are

Note You Cant Close Your Player Card At All While Doing It

The Close Wont Come Off Easily Afterwards But Put On New Ones And Take Them Off Again

Furniture Bug

 The way to do this bug is first set your screen up as if you were to move your igloo furniture then hit your penguin profile and go to hq then you can go into town andgo into some igloos on the map and simply put your mouse on there furniture and move it and sometimes they see it and sometimes they dont