In January, some of you may remember that the member badge was added. Since then, you’ve given us great ideas about how they could be updated and how they could be used in different ways! A lot of you tell us that you’re proud to be a member, so the team’s been busy working on an update to the badge to reflect the amount of months you’ve signed up for as a member.

There are five different badges in total, each one displaying a range of months:


The update has already arrived! This Thursday, you might notice that when you’re chatting with your penguin friends, the font in your chat bubbles will look different! Not everyone could see the other font very easily on their computers so we updated it to make it better for everyone.

What do you think of the new updates? Pretty sweet right?

Finding Penguins

Aunt Arctic has been spotted in only the Backstage of Club Penguin. I have made a tracker and have the best tips to help you find Aunt Arctic, Gary, Cadence, and the penguin band.

Aunt Arctic player card:


Aunt Arctic status: Online (refresh)

Last seen in server: Abominable (refresh)

Last seen in room: Backstage (refresh)

Gary player card:


Gary status: Online (refresh)

Last seen in server: Christmas (refresh)

Last seen in room: Backstage (refresh)

Cadence player card:


Cadence Status: Online (refresh)

Last seen in server: Snow Ball (refresh)

Last seen in room: Backstage (refresh)

Penguin band player card:


Penguin band status: Online (refresh)

Last seen in server: Winter Land (refresh)

Last seen in room: Backstage (refresh)

Club Penguin Play Awards Cheats

The Penguin play awards are here, but are for members only. Go into the stage at the plaza to get there.









Next, click on the exit sign inside the stage.








For all you non members, check out what the backstage looks like. What do you think of it? I think it’s cool, but not that great.








Don’t forget to vote on which plays you think are the best. Go to the plaza and click on the voting booth.









Clubpenguin Better Igloo Cheat

Club Penguin has released a new better igloos catalog. Below are all of the cheats. Check out the cover of the catalog.


On page 1, click on the electric shadow box for the disco ball.



On page 4, click on the word puffle for the white puffle poster.


On page 5, click on the koi pond for the ice table.



On page 7, click on the pinata for the aquarium.


On page 8, click on the velvet rope for the welcome mat.



On page 9, click on the snow castle for the green birdhouse.


Don’t forget the new restaurant igloo! There’s a new igloo upgrades catalog! Check it out!

St. Patrick Days Party

The Saint Patrick’s day party has started on Club Penguin and it’s a great one! Firstly, the shamrock hat at the Coffee shop.


There’s a members only room! Go into the room at the forest.


If you’re a member, pickup an accordian inside the room.


The lucky coin pin can be found at the Ski Mountain.


Lastly, the stage is under construction! Check out the plaza.


The inside’s completely empty! The Penguin awards are coming!


Overall, I think this party rocks! What do you think? Let me know!

News Paper #178 :D

Hi Guys!

         Snowy1900 Here!

              New news paper! Here is the front cover!


                Here is what they talk about the st patricks day party! The hut in the forest will be for members only! i think im renewing mine later Today!


               Then they give more Info for the Awards Show!


              Here are the  UpcomingEvent!


                 Then there is a new Poll!


               Then Happy77 talks to The art peoples, lol.


Greetings Penguins!


There’s tons of excited chatter about the Snow Sculpture Submissions and lots of you are sending in amazing art! With all the buzz, I thought you might want the inside scoop from the talented pair of snow sculpture artists.


What do you look for in all the submissions you get? A great submission is fun, imaginative and makes us smile! But there are so many talented and creative artists playing Club Penguin that they’re all making us smile! 

Tell us about making sculptures from a drawing. Is it very difficult? The artist who drew it did the difficult stuff. We get to do the fun part. First we transfer the original drawing onto our computer and create a black and white version so that it kinda looks like a coloring book picture. Then we take it and make it look like it’s made of ice.

If you added flavored syrup to the snow sculptures, would it make them into beautiful, yummy snow cones? Indeed it would! However, you might unintentionally upset the poor artist whose masterpiece would be inside of your belly… :)



In other news: Don’t forget to get all green tomorrow for the start of the St. Patty’s Day Party! We’re really excited. We hope you are, too!

             Cool huh?


DS news!

  Hi Guys!

          Snowy1900 Here! Here is some ds game news!

DS game coming to new Countries!


So many of you from the UK and Australia have been waiting to get the Club Penguin Nintendo DS Game: Elite Penguin Force… and the team’s been working really hard to get it to you. We’re very excited to finally tell you that this Friday, March 13, it’ll be available in Australia and the UK!!

The game will be available in Australia in stores including Wal-Mart and Target.


In the UK, it’ll be available at stores including: GAME; Argos; ASDA; Toys”R”Us; HMV. It’ll also be online at:;;

              Isnt that cool? Lol. I have it and the surprise is…………..there is a room in the closet thingy in the HQ!

         :D sorry for giving the Surprise away…………


Clubpenguin St. Patrick Day News And I will Be Gone For A Week

The Saint Patrick’s day party will start Friday on Club Penguin. There will be tons of things to do, including finding the end of the rainbow.


Members will be able to party in a Leprechaun house! They better bring some new free items, right? Let me know what items you want.

How do you plan to celebrate Saint Patrick’s day?


And other news: Authors and Admins (Snowy1900 and (Fadedgreen55) I will need you to post the next week and a half. Make good worded post.

Clubpenguin White Puffle And Clothing Catalog

Hey everyone! The white puffle has been released for members only and there is a new penguin style catalog. Here are the cheats.

Check out the puffle catalog, it looks awesome.


First, click on the pot of gold in the background to get a pot o’ gold.


Now click on the word “MORE” in the penguin awards page for a boa.


Next, press the “FE” in coffee for the spikester.


Lastly, press the “R” in clearance for the fruit headdress.


There are also St. Patricks Day Party decorations already being set up. Go check them out.