Clubpenguin Members Award


I have a special look at the member awards stage coming soon! I also have some important information about this site.


Come rock out at the stage if you’re a member from March 20 – April 9! Here’s what Billybob says,

Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite plays in several categories, and members can walk from the red carpet into the Stage where there will be so many ways to be a part of the show, and a lot of surprises

Clubpenguin Puffle Wonders

With the new puffle interaction update, puffles can do much more including eat, sleep, and play in many more places automatically.

If you feed your puffle with a water dish out, it will eat from it.


Puffles will sleep in any bed. It doesn’t have to match their color.


Puffles will also sleep in any color of house automatically.


Puffles can interact with furniture like in the picture below.


Let me know what you think of the puffle update. Puffles will do these automatically, and can do it with any color of furniture too!

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