Clubpenguin April fools party slip

Club Penguin accidentally released the April Fools’ Day party yesterday night! The party has been removed, but many penguins have seen it already. If you want to see the April Fools’ Day party check the pictures below.

There will be on free item, the blue propeller cap at the mine.


The box store will be a members only room. There are many boxes.


The dojo will be black and white! You will be able to draw on it!


There’s loads more about the April Fools’ Day party! For the complete cheats on the party, click on the read the rest of this entry button below.


At the town, you can play around with boxes!


The plaza will have loads of puffles in boxes that you can play with!


The snow forts have boxes that make funny sounds like farts.


You will be able to play and sort the boxes at the dock!


There are tons of cool objects at the cove to play with!


At the beacon, you can teleport to a random room on Club Penguin!


What do you think of the party? Did it live up to your expectations? I think it’s stinks, APRIL FOOLS!

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