New Club Penguin Book Codes: The Inventor’s Apprentice and Secret Agent Handbook Codes

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Wow!! This is great!! For those who want to unlock the rare blue book, I found lots of codes for it!! : )


Here are the codes for “The Ultimate OFFICIAL Guide to Club Penguin” book!! : D


Page 9- Sometimes

Page 35- Misses

Page 38- Scavenger

Page 40- Examples

Page 62- Picture

Page 63- How

Page 64- Fishing

Page 65- Storage

Page 71- Seats

Page 71- Musical

Page 73- Search

Page 75- Tossing

Page 77- Buying

Page 101- Donated

Page 117- Jerseys

Page 118- Squads

 Page 140- Breeze

  Page 141- Combined

Page 143- Secret

Page 154- Arena

Page 155- Queen

Page 156- Small

Page 169- Start

Page 171- Annual

Page 175- Crown

Page 176- Item

Page 179- Penguins

Page 182- Actions


Also, here are the codes for the “Club Penguin, Stowaway!” book!! : D


Page 6- Mysterious

Page 7- Rockhopper

Page 21- Migrator

Page 25- Yarr

Page 40- Waterfall

Page 52- Deck

Page 80- Penguin

Page 177- Puffle


Here is a step-by-step guide how to get a free blue book to read on Club Penguin, as well as get lots of coins!!



1) First, go to Club Penguin, and click “Unlock Items Online!”



2) Then sign in with your penguin and click “I have a book”





3) Now, click on either of the book and enter the codes above depending on the question.




4) Enter your answer and you will get a free blue book and coins!!



4) If none of the questions above appears, then refresh the site by clicking the “Close” button and start from Step 1) again!!





5) Try this steps for both of the books codes and your penguins can take out a book from your inventory in Club Penguin and start reading!! : )

Trading Card Update

The Club Penguin team is really excited to let you know that there will be a new set of Puffle Trading Cards coming sometime in April. Just like the last set, you’ll be able to play at home with your friends, and you’ll also be able to enter unique codes in Club Penguin to build up your card-jitsu deck online!

trading cards « Club Penguin Cheats

Are you a ninja yet? If not, I suggest you buy some trading cards for your online card-jitsu deck. It helps you win belts faster. Let me know what you think

Ninja Catalog

The new Martial Artworks catalog is out, for all of you ninjas! Here is the cover of the book.


There are two new items. On page 5, there is a white gi.


Also check out the tea table on page 6.


That’s it for the ninja catalog. Only two items! A little bit of a let down right? I was hoping for more.

New Sports Catalog

Club Penguin has released the new Snow and Sports catalog at the Sport Shop. Here is the cover of the new catalog:


Here’s how to find the green ball cap, and green baseball uniform:

1. Open to the 1st page of the snow and sports catalog.
2. Click on the referee penguin in the background.



Here’s how to get the red ball cap:

1. Open to the 4th page of the snow and sports catalog.
2. Click on the pitcher’s mound.


Also, the new gaming gear can be bought at:

1. Cove – Catchin’ Waves
2. Ski Lodge – Ice Fishing
3. Dock – Hydro Hopper

That’s it for the Snow and Sports catalog! Only two secrets this time. What do you think of the catalog? Let me know.

Clubpenguin Top Hat Cheat

Club Penguin has released the new top hat pin. The new pin can be found at the Ski lodge attic. Here’s how to get it:

1. Go to the Ski Village.
2. Click on the Ski Lodge.
3. Click on the ladder to go upstairs.
4. Click on the top hat pin.
5. Click “Yes” when it asks to pick it up.



Congratulations, you now have Club Penguin’s newest pin, the top hat! What do you think of this pin? Let me know!


In January, some of you may remember that the member badge was added. Since then, you’ve given us great ideas about how they could be updated and how they could be used in different ways! A lot of you tell us that you’re proud to be a member, so the team’s been busy working on an update to the badge to reflect the amount of months you’ve signed up for as a member.

There are five different badges in total, each one displaying a range of months:


The update has already arrived! This Thursday, you might notice that when you’re chatting with your penguin friends, the font in your chat bubbles will look different! Not everyone could see the other font very easily on their computers so we updated it to make it better for everyone.

What do you think of the new updates? Pretty sweet right?

Finding Penguins

Aunt Arctic has been spotted in only the Backstage of Club Penguin. I have made a tracker and have the best tips to help you find Aunt Arctic, Gary, Cadence, and the penguin band.

Aunt Arctic player card:


Aunt Arctic status: Online (refresh)

Last seen in server: Abominable (refresh)

Last seen in room: Backstage (refresh)

Gary player card:


Gary status: Online (refresh)

Last seen in server: Christmas (refresh)

Last seen in room: Backstage (refresh)

Cadence player card:


Cadence Status: Online (refresh)

Last seen in server: Snow Ball (refresh)

Last seen in room: Backstage (refresh)

Penguin band player card:


Penguin band status: Online (refresh)

Last seen in server: Winter Land (refresh)

Last seen in room: Backstage (refresh)

Club Penguin Play Awards Cheats

The Penguin play awards are here, but are for members only. Go into the stage at the plaza to get there.









Next, click on the exit sign inside the stage.








For all you non members, check out what the backstage looks like. What do you think of it? I think it’s cool, but not that great.








Don’t forget to vote on which plays you think are the best. Go to the plaza and click on the voting booth.