Club Penguin Sports Catalog and Pin

Here are the amazing cheats for the January 30th sports catalog! There are also more shocking updates, so read on.

Turn the snow board to flowers, then press on the shell and star to find a silver surfboard!


Check out the cool secret page when you press the climbing wall!


Go to the beacon for the lily pin, it might be a little hard to see, so here’s a picture.

Paint By Letters Book Update


Tomorrow in the book room, there will be a brand new Paint By Letters book. Here’s a sneak peek of Lime Green Dojo Clean:


If you’ve never played before, it’s a game where you can fill in words as they appear in the story. Sometimes you get a chance to choose words and the penguin in the story will even be the same color as your penguin. Be sure to tell me what you think!

Sports catolog and ds game news!

Hi guys,

        Its been a while since i have made a post!

      Soooooo the party is over! I hope your winter blues went away with that party! There was a sneak peak at the sports catolog!



       I think the left is a rock wall for climbing and the other 1 is a scooter! What do you think?

        Also this spring the ds game will be avalible in the United Kingdom! In fall the game will be in Australia! Also the game is in Latin American places  too!




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Fiesta Party 2009


The sunbraro is at the cove!uuu





My favorite room is the forest!cps1                                                                                                                                                                            














Thats all for now!

Logos and New member items

Hello this post is going to have to post in. Ok to start off we have some votes and new things that we’ll  be happining such as a new CSS (Design) for every holiday such as 4th of July & April fools day!

And we have to LOGOS I want you to choose which one you like better the poll will be located under the LOGOs






[polldaddy poll=1290695]

Hello there has been a new home page on clubpenguin here it is:


it also changes when you refresh it and theres a Badge on the player cards of member penguins!!

heres what it looks like:


Music Video


UPDATE:I have redone the video and added a ton more effects so here it is:

Hey since theres nothing really going on cp right now i thought i might make a quick music video(Its not the best music video) Here it is![youtube=]

Member Party

Pick up a boom box  radio just above your spy phone in the night / dance club.


Check out the cool dance you can do with it!


There is also a new room. For all the non members, here’s what all the rooms looks like (click to enlarge).

Night club: You might be surprised by the welcome sign!


Dance lounge:



roof cheats

There’s also a really cool dance contest game.




The newspaper is here, but no signs of a member party! I’ll go ahead and walk you through the newspaper, and stay tuned for special secrets to getting into the member party. Comment what you think of Clubpenguin delying the dance party.