Treasure Book Update

On Friday, December 5th, a new addition of seasonal items will be added to The Treasure Book. The items that are currently there will still be available, plus a few different items.



If you’ve bought the Elite Penguin Force ds game, and your stuck on the missions, check out my Elite Penguin Force mission cheats.


Sorry, I couldnt make it to the party. Something poped up and i couldn’t come. But ill make it up to you with a contest. 😉

Sports Catalog


Hello Viewers on Clubpenguin there is a new Sports Catoalog! Here is the fornt cover along with some cheats! : sports                                                                   

Click the flame surfboard, then the sea shell, and then the starfish to get the silver surfboard.



Click the ‘N’ in furniture to get the pommel horse.


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Sensei Answers


Also here is the banner for the 7,000 hit party Saturday Here

Well, the Sensei has revealed some information a lot of you may not know. This is definitely true because it came straight from him in the latest newspaper.


Question – Did you build the Dojo?
Answer – Many years ago, when I was young and alone, I built the Dojo.

Question – Where have you been since then?
Answer – I was wandering around the wilderness, learning and seeking wisdom.

Question – Do you always speak in Haiku form?
Answer – No.

Question – Have many penguins defeated you?
Answer – You ask me who has beaten me? Only black belts have. I love Card Jitsu. I’ll play with anyone…but only masters win.

Question – Can you tell us anything about the perks of being a ninja?
Answer – All ninjas can go in secret hideout. And some maybe…disappear.

Question – Are you saying ninjas can turn invisible?
Answer – Heh heh heh maybe – there are ninja already in this room, maybe?

Question – Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Answer – Yes. Come and visit me in the Dojo. Bring friends. And play Card-Jitsu.

Upcoming Events

  • December 5 – Penguin Style Catalog, Sports Shop catalog, new pin hidden,
  • December 12 – Quest for the Golden Puffle Play.

NGP Contest


WOULD you like to have a chance to be in NGP ( New Generation Penguins)? Well Watch this video and it will tell you just how to do it:

7,000 Hits Party


Hey Everyone we will be having a 7,000 Hits party!! Be Sure to come here is the banner!!

If you can’t read it here it is agian:

When: Saturday the 29th

Where: Sleet

What Room: Dock

What time: 10:30 PST(Penguin Standerd Time)

Clubpenguin New Secret Room


The Command Room has some awesome secrets I want to show you. If you haven’t unlocked the room yet, you need a code from the Elite Penguin Force DS game.

Command Room Cheats:


Tv Channel: You can change the channels on the TV. Here are the possible channels.

Elite Penguin Force: Home Channel


The Weather Channel


Unavailable Channel


Penguin Talk Show


Campfire Channel


Sled Racing channel


Trash Can: Hover over the trash can to make it fill up. Their are 3 stages for the fillup.


Table Cheat: Click the center of the table to change to different platforms.

Pizza (Looks yummy)


Top secret items


Coffee Tray


Wall Poster: Hover over the “Elite Force” wall poster to change the picture of the penguin.

Green Penguin Poster:


Blue Penguin Poster:


Red Penguin Poster:


Clown Penguin Poster:


CD’s: Hover over the cd’s to make them fly up.




Here is the martial art catolog: click here for it
Martial Artworks

Inside the catalog is the official ninja outfit! It costs 1,000 coins in case you didn’t know.

Ninja Outfit

Inside the catalog, Sensei talks about his journey on creating the Dojo. Here is what he says.

Sensei – “I too have come here to learn.” I said out loud, “Here I will build my Dojo.”

And now he gives us a Dojo Igloo. It is available for 5,000 coins.

Sensei – “A Dojo must have many places to learn in.” I said out loud. “I will build strong walls, and rice paper flats to make rooms.”

You can purchase Rice Paper Wall Screens for 500 coins.

Sensei – “I will carve some lanterns,” I said out loud.”So fire can come inside with me.”

Lastly, a stone lantern is inside for 575 coins.

Sensei – “Having learned from water, snow, and fire I built the Dojo in the mountains. When it was finished, I rang a gong to announce that it was complete.”

So now you can buy a gong too, for 400 coins. Now learn from Sensei’s tale of fire, water, and snow and build your own Dojo with those materials!

Winter Catalog Cheats & Fairy Play



Click on the control terminal, for the welcome mat.


Click on the guitar stand, for the music stand.


The new Fairy play, is playing at the stage. Be sure to check it out.


New costumes have been added into the Costume Trunk catalog.


Clubpenguin Newspaper

The training at the Dojo is a success. Once you reach the black belt, you can battle the sensei to unlock the secret room. (In the secret room, their is a catalog to buy items, including the ninja suit.)


A new fairy play will be released at the stage tomorrow.


A new Better Igloos Catalog will be released tomorrow. Ring in the season for new handy things for your habitat.


The items below will be in tomorrows new better igloos catalog.