Clubpenguin news 150th

Hello, the new newspaper has came out, and the penguin games have ended.

If you havent noticed it is the 150th newspaper.

Upcoming events:  

  • September 5 – New clothing catalog, and new  wig catalog. 
  • September 12 – Actors wanted at the stage, and new pin hidden.
  • September 12 – Actors wanted at the stage, and new pin hidden.

    The Ice Rink has changed to a soccer field 🙂 to tell you the truth I like Soccer field better.

    Clubpenguin games, and face paint

    To start go to the ski village and step onto the starting line and wait for the screen to say 3, 2, 1, GO.You must stop at every light poll. The light polls are the things that are circled in red.










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    The Beach:




























































    The final room is the cove.










    And the rest goes to Wwe Adam Vist his site by clicking here 


    Let’s move on to the three lap race at the ice burg.

    Walk around 3 times stopping at all the lights for them to turn on, but start at the checkered line.

    Next, go to the underground pool and start completing the swimming laps. Walk back and forth and remember to wait until the light turns on and the arrows can guide you to sides.

    Once you complete them all, you will receive a gold medal.

    Alright, you can find the red face paint in the coffee shop!

    The blue face paint is in the pizza parlor. GO RED!

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