I need a new penguin

Hello viewers if anybody wants to be famous and be on this blog well just comment!

ps I will not ban this penguin.

Things that will happen with the penguin

Will be on this blog in the pictures as in the updates

Will probably get famous

And will get as many rare penguins as they can to add them.

Just comment in the username and password and i will delete the comment as soon a i get it.

1000 hits

Congrats everyone! For viewing and visiting my site. I have finally gotten 1,000 views! WOOT!

If you could please tell your friends, family, internet buddies, anyone you know who plays CP, and everyone else about this site, I’d be extremely grateful.

I hope you subscribed/bookmarked/favorited this site, because it’ll be quick access to upcoming things, where the new pins are, and much more. I update it everyday and comment everyone.

Thanks again


Server updates

1. Suggested servers – These servers are suggested for you by what you visit most.

2. Those servers not good enough for you? Just click the view more servers button.

3. Now, all the servers are on one page. Abdominal is going to be the next blizzard!

4. Best of all, when you login check your messages, you can recieve a free item!

5. If you noticed, your buddy requests will be where your mail used to be.

6. The spy phone is above your map now.

7. Your player card fades in when you click it and you can press buttons to go directly your cloths.

8. Of course, your igloos now have backgrounds!