The CPIP Free Item Has Arrived!

Update: Here’s some more info on Penguin Mail: You’ll be able to send mail to offline buddies and save/delete the mail you get. Here is the current logo for PMail.

If you tested in the CPIP test servers, than check your inventory!

inventory cpip(Made by Fever)

The CPIP free item is a Red Hard Hat! If you dance with just the hat on, you drill with a red drill.

cpip item(Made by Fever)

The Book Contest stories have been published so check them out in the Book Room.


Yep, That’s right! After waiting a really long time, all penguins who tested in the Club Penguin Improvement Project test servers will be getting their CPIP item added into their inventories THIS FRIDAY, the 30th. Click here for details

CP wanted to deliver this with Penguin Mail and the log-in and playercard feature, but they are still under development so they won’t be released yet.

Even if you only logged in once in the Test Servers, you should still get a CPIP item.

Return of the Wizard Hat, Anvil Pin, and Secrets



The free Wizard Hat is available at the Lighthouse.

(By Fever)

The Anvil pin is in the Boiler Room. Point your cursor at the Pot for the Anvil Maker to start making the pin.

(By Fever)

Furniture Catalog Secrets

Click on the Ficus Plant for the Palm Tree

Click on the Large House Plant for the Coffee House Tree

Click on the Vase for the Plush Gray Chair

Click on the hole in the Pink Plastic Castle for the Inflatable Dragon

Click on the sink part of the Kitchen Sink for the Cake

Pet Furniture Catalog Secrets

The Pet Furniture Catalog is located in the Pet Store.

Click on the Brown dot next to the Green House on Page 4 for the Grey House.

There is a new Pink Ice Palace Igloo in the Igloo Catalog.

If you don’t know, the Medieval Igloo Contest starts today. CP has changed the prizes: Now TWENTY winners will be selected, besides 10. The Top Ten win 25,000 coins, and the rest win 15,000 coins. I believe their names and igloos will also be in the newspaper.

Here are some tips the judges gave: As Creative as possible, Medieval-Themed, Variety of old and new furniture, will not be based on how many coins you spent on it

Medieval Party

(This fevers work.)

There is a new Tree House room at the Forest. Go to the stairs to climb up to it.

(this is fevers work.)

Rooms you have to see: The Pool (Treasure Room), The Mines (Dragon’s Lair), The Lodge (Princess’s Castle), The Attic (Princess’s Castle-Upstairs), The Mountain (The Evil, Dark Castle), Pizza Parlor (Knight’s Round Table), Night Club (Knight’s Club), Ice Rink (Dueling Arena), The Snow Forts (Battle Area), The Boiler Room (The Smithy), Pet Shop (Puffle Stables), Dance Lounge (Ye Old Arcades), The Lighthouse (Wizard’s Place), Lighthouse Beacon (Wizard’s Roof), and The Coffee Shop (Ye Old Coffee).

There area few more but those are the ones I like the most. The Dark Castle can also be seen from many different locations