Rockhopper and Yarr Arr-ival Party!

The Sailer Hat free item has returned at the Plaza.

(the post have been copied by fever and is fevers work.)

The Treasure Chest pin is available at the Ski Village. Hover your mouse over the X to dig up the treasure.

(the post have been copied by fever and is fevers work.)

There is a new Sports Catalog but no new secrets. There is a “new” background but it is a repeat.

There are new decorations all around Club Penguin. Don’t forget to check them all out. Especially the ones at the Dock, Night Club, and Coffee Shop.

Rockhopper has landed earlier than expected!

Rockhopper’s landed before his party started! Yay! He brought Free Sailer Shirts for us. Finally! A shirt free item! You can get it at the Beach.

(the post have been copied by fever and is fevers work.)

The Captain’s Quarters will be released on Monday, the 28th. RH will be hiding the key somewhere on the island. (Click to enlarge)

Also, there was a public announcement from the PSA in the newspaper saying that the Snow Forts Clock is now fixed. There’s also RH Recap Journal basically telling what RH did on his trip to Rockhopper Island. (Click to enlarge)

The RH Arrival Party, new Sports Catalog, and pin will arrive tomorrow. And there will be a Writing Contest from May 1st to May 8th.

New Room, Rockhopper Party, New Features…

Here’s a sneak peek of the new room on CP. It looks to me like it’s Rockhopper’s room! Rockhopper will arrive on Friday (along with the party).

Also, if you still don’t know, there’s a “new” note on RH’s door and the ‘Change to Big Screen Mode’ feature will be added to CP next Tuesday. The Mission-Select folder and F.I.S.H. has been updated. Click the sunglasses to get the Night Vision Goggles (which can be used in place of the flashlight in Mission 3). And once you get medal for the new mission, you can open it and see what time it is!