Emerlad Party, RH Island, Eggs, and More News!

Rockhopper’s ship is slowly being repaired. And will probably be finished by the end of the month at best. RH’s quarters are still missing underwater, so new Aqua Grabber levels will most likely come.


The newspaper mentions RH Island yet again. They’re thinking of ways of contacting RH when we finish the ship. Maybe we’ll finally get to go there? If RH can get there in a Rowboat, the Hydro-hopper boat should be fine.


St. Patrick’s Day celebrations begin TOMORROW. I’m expecting a lot of green. And maybe the Clover pin?


The Space Adventure play will be returning to the stage tomorrow as well due to popular demand. It will probably be the same costumes but different script.


The upcoming annual CP Easter Hunt will be in a week. It’ll be kinda like the Halloween Hunt, where you get clues to finding all the eggs, and once you do, you get a free item. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you where they are. ;)


And the Paint By Colors books’ story will change depending on the puffle you’re walking, what color you’re wearing, and the words you choose. There are bonus coins in almost every page, I believe.